Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Computer Vision technology is able to scan the data of any human face and reproduce an identical 3D model in mere seconds. All the work is done on the server side so that any software can simply send the data and receive models in return, which can then be customized and modified at will.

Our Unity SDK and AvatarMe Demo App are free to use and come with 10 free reconstructions - if you want to scale up and generate more models, you can purchase them directly on your dashboard. Our API is distributed through a license, contact us directly if you wish to know more.

Of course! GeminID was designed to provide 3D avatars to anyone who needs them, on as many devices and platforms as possible. Feel free to download our Unity SDK and start working on your own projects.

Sure! Download our Unity SDK or AvatarMe Demo App and start creating your own models. The Demo App comes in the form of an APK which you can directly install on your phone.

The first factor is your input: a better quality leads to better results. If you are using our AvatarMe Demo App, the quality of your camera plays a big role. Another important factor is lighting: the user's face should be evenly lit, so avoid having a strong light on one side of your face, and avoid dark rooms aswell. If you follow these simple guidelines, you should see great improvements.

Anything you want! Integrate them in a video game, use them in your app, customize them, launch new products... you're free to do as you wish.