GeminID 3D avatars: the new generation of
personal Digital Doubles

Thanks to GeminID, any developer, business, app or software can generate and integrate anyone's photorealistic Digital Double from a single selfie or video.

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This is not just an avatar, this is you

GeminID generates the photorealistic and accurate 3D avatar of anyone thanks to a single selfie or video. The result is a lifelike Digital Double of the user that can talk, move and display an unlimited range of emotions.

What is GeminID?

GeminID is an API, a Unity SDK and an AvatarMe Demo App designed to generate the Digital Double of any user thanks to a single selfie or video.

The GeminID Unity SDK is a free, ready-to-use Unity project and comes with a free AvatarMe Demo App to start creating and customizing your own lifelike 3D avatars.

What can I do with GeminID?

Personalized user experiences

Our photorealistic Digital Doubles enable personalized experiences on a massive scale

Developers, brands and agencies can create powerful apps and activations starring the user's own photorealistic 3D avatar for maximum engagement. Roll out exciting interactive applications and open up the path to mass personalization.

GeminID 3D Avatar
GeminID Digital Double

Try out new looks and products

Our accurate 3D avatars offer endless customization options to shape a new "you"

The accuracy of GeminID lets users to try out new makeups, haircuts, accessories and more. Their Digital Double allows them to watch the result from any angle, as it would look in real life, and plan their makeover in advance.

From spectators to heroes

With our Digital Doubles, anyone can be the main character of their own story

Whether it's in mobile or AAA gaming, AR or VR, GeminID lets users play as themselves no matter their appearance, gender or age. Thanks to GeminID, anyone can populate virtual worlds with real people.


Anything is possible

GeminID is cross-platform, from Android to iOS, PC or console environments

GeminID can be much more - our SDK can be integrated in any project including Android devices, while our highly flexible API can suit any ambition. Video conferences, social media, online communications... possibilities are endless.

Download GeminID for free

Download SDK

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AvatarMe Demo App

Our Demo App AvatarMe comes with a complete set of customization options ranging from skin color to hairstyle, eye color and accessories. Sign up now to download AvatarMe and start creating your own Digital Doubles for free!

GeminID 3D Avatar
GeminID Digital Double
GeminID 3D Avatar
GeminID Digital Double

About Us

GeminID was born at the junction of Eisko and Cydolia,
two technology companies fully experts in the Computer Vision analysis and Computer Graphics synthesis of the 3D human figure and identity.
Over the years, we had the chance to work on top-most productions with a wide variety of customers from Digital Entertainment and Cosmetics
among which: Samsung, Apple, Ubisoft, Square Enix, NCSoft, EA, EuropaCorp, Canal+, Nike, Barrière...


Lifelike Digital Doubles for Entertainment

Eisko specializes in state of the art, photorealistic digital doubles of celebrities for visual effects (cinema, commercials, events) and interactive real-time applications (games, AR/VR).


Cosmetic Evaluation and Simulation

Cydolia is expert in the quantitative evaluation and perceptive simulation of make-up and skin care for the clinical analysis, claims assessment and marketing of beauty products.