Photoreal 3D avatars in real-time from a single selfie


Photoreal 3D avatars and real-time rendering have become hot topics of chatter among the 3D industry and SIGGRAPH 2018 is no exception, with a big focus on this year’s SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live event. And to those who have been living on a stranded island and are wondering why this matters, remember that SIGGRAPH is the biggest gathering of professionals associated with the field of computer graphics.

3D avatars and the real-time revolution

GeminID is excited to be part of this movement with the release of an accessible technology for realistic animated 3D avatars from a single image or video:

  • Thanks to the AvatarMe Demo App available for free on our website, anyone can try out our solution and create and edit his or her own photorealistic 3D avatar;

  • Using our Unity SDK, a ready to use Unity project, our technology can be integrated in any app, game or software, or simply used to generate and export your own 3D model.

Anyone can now give their users the opportunity to create and display their personal Digital Doubles in any virtual world, from VR to 3D chats, video games or mobile apps!

3D Digital Doubles: behind the scenes

3D avatars were always a point of focus for the team. The project was initiated from two parent companies: EISKO, an award winning company and regular participant of the SIGGRAPH conference, specialized in lifelike Digital Doubles for VFX & real-time interactive applications, as well as CYDOLIA, specialized in Computer Vision for the cosmetics industry. Both have been pioneers in the analysis and simulation of the human figure for large scale productions, though we always wanted to democratize these technologies. GeminID was a result of this vision: making real-time photoreal 3D avatars more accessible, affordable and user friendly without compromising the quality.

How can I use GeminID?

Access to the GeminID technology is free. Creators only pay for what they use, allowing anyone to start off with a free plan and scale up as their user base grows. They can either make a one-time purchase of a small amount of 3D Avatar Generations to test their project in a closed environment, or choose an automatic renewal or upgrade to make sure they never run out once they go live. Should you decide to put the project on hold or face a sudden spike in downloads, GeminID will adapt itself. Our pricing model is designed to allow anyone to try it out, no matter your budget or ambitions.

To download both the AvatarMe Demo App (an Android APK) or the Unity SDK (a Unity Project), log on to for free and get the latest version directly from your Creator Dashboard. Within minutes, you’ll be starting your dream project and creating your own photoreal 3D avatars!

Introducing GeminID, an accessible technology for the creation & integration of Photoreal Personal Digital Doubles in your games, apps & software


With SIGGRAPH 2018 around the corner, the teams from Eisko and Cydolia are thrilled to announce the release of GeminID, a new solution enabling any developer and software company to generate and integrate the 3D Digital Double of their users from a single selfie or video!

GeminID is a plug & play solution accessible through:

  • A Unity SDK, a Unity project which can be used to integrate the GeminID technology in your works or export your own 3D model;

  • A flexible API for large scale projects;

  • A free AvatarMe Demo App to create and edit your own Digital Doubles within seconds.

State of the art, cross-platform Real-Time Avatars

GeminID photoreal avatars are PBR ready and benefit from a powerful in-house shading as well as a flexible facial rig based on years of research and development in the field of digital doubles.

The GeminID Unity SDK is a cross-platform solution compatible with all systems, from iOS to Android, from Mobile to Desktop, without any specific technological requirements.

GeminID strives to enable mass personalization, turning spectators into actors

Thanks to GeminID, we aim to revolutionize the user experience by enabling mass personalization. Developers are provided with a user management system while the GeminID platform guarantees the safe storage of their user’s Digital Doubles, who can in turn use their 3D avatar across multiple services through one single account.

GeminID’s 3D Digital Double generation & integration technology is an out-of-the-box game changer designed to easily build new interactive content!

Where can I download GeminID?

Curious about what you could do? Try our AvatarMe Demo App & Unity SDK for free at

For any questions or feedback or media inquiries, contact us directly at! Don’t hesitate to download our presskit aswell.