What is GeminID?

GeminID is an API, a Unity SDK and an AvatarMe Demo App designed to generate the Digital Double of any user thanks to a single selfie or video. Our proprietary technology analyzes any face and automatically reconstructs its 3D model in a matter of seconds.

Anyone can download for free both the GeminID SDK, a ready-to-use Unity project, and the AvatarMe Demo App. To download GeminID, create an account and start using our technology within minutes!

GeminID Features

Photorealistic accuracy

Our deep learning technology reproduces any face down to the last details

Lifelike animations

Our 3D avatars can talk, move and express an unlimited range of emotions

Endless customization

GeminID SDK comes with a vast choice of pre-built customization options

Seamless UX

One selfie or video is all you need to create anyone's 3D avatar in seconds

Secure platform

All digital doubles are centralized on a platform accessible by all end users

Integration-ready Unity SDK

A ready-to-use Unity SDK easily integrated in any environment, Android included

Move Me

Coming soon: an additional Face Tracking module to animate your GeminID Digital Double with a simple webcam or phone camera.

Try Me

Coming soon: a module designed to try on beauty products, haircuts and accessories and simulate their real-life look directly on your GeminID Digital Double.

Tell Me

Coming soon: a Text-to-Speech module which translates any text input into speech to turn your GeminID Digital Double into a chatbot or virtual assitant.

Why use GeminID?

GeminID platform

To maximize security and to ensure a seamless experience, all 3D avatars are centralized on a secure platform accessible to users who can call on the same Digital Double for multiple services in a safe, cross-platform environment. User account management is provided and handled by GeminID.

GeminID 3D Avatar

The next generation of 3D avatars

GeminID materials and textures are PBR-ready, enabling them to appear in any video game or real-time application. Our in-house Unity shader displays a superior level of quality which suits any environment, from VR headsets to mobile applications, and allows for realistic lighting and animations.

GeminID Digital Double

A powerful Unity framework

The GeminID Unity SDK is a ready to use Unity project which can be integrated anywhere and benefits from all Unity tools, Asset Store and community. The project contains all the necessary elements to build the AvatarMe Demo App and is designed to be adapted as quickly as possible to your specific needs.


Cross-platform, Cross-device

GeminID works in any environment or device, from Android to iOS, PC, console, tablet and much more! Anyone can release a project powered by GeminID and reach the largest user base possible. From online communications to video games or innovative customer experiences, GeminID can be used on any platform.

GeminID 3D Avatar


The GeminID Unity SDK and AvatarMe Demo App are free to download - register and try them out now!

If you need more reconstructions or plan on launching your project on a larger scale, you can purchase more on your personal account and even set up a renewable plan to make sure you never run out.

Up to 10 reconstructions

Try out GeminID and start creating 3D avatars for free


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Up to 150 reconstructions

Test your app or create your own characters

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Up to 500 reconstructions

Release a working app for early adopters

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Up to 1000 reconstructions

Scale up your project and reach more users

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Need more?

We have a variety of paid plans for every budget, sign up or contact us to get a quote.

Download GeminID for free

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